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Zuleidy, also knows as Little Lupe. The little grate porn star.

Zuleidy Piedrahita is internationally known as “Little Lupe” but she started as “Zuleidy” at the Spanish porn scene. This young looking girl was born on January the 27th on the year 1987 in Santa Cruz of Tenerife. This city is on the oriental side of the Tenerife island, one of the Canary Islands at the north-west of ... [read more]

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The porn star

She is not quite the average porn star, she is signed be her unique look and personality. She is quite profound and sensible in her comments when she is talking about life and love, and explicit when it come down to sex. Zuleidy has a childish look and feels like a woman inside a teenagers body, her short height (a little over 5 ft, 1,5 meters) and small body and breast gives her the look of a true teenager, and she knows how to work this fantasy into her benefit. But perhaps what makes her special is not only that she is one the youngest looking porn actresses out there but that she also has no apparent limits when it comes to sex. She is very willing and really enjoys her role in porn. She is very open about her sexuality and has a very fun personality. In 2008 she got herself breast implants which increased quite notoriously her breast size, changing her childish look a little. She was the smallest in her class when she was younger, the smallest in her family and the smallest porn star, so she decided to change that and get her some big boobs, and changing considerably her lolita look. But her ass remains the same, perfect. Her favorite part of her body is her ass, that tight hard ass is worth worshiping.

When she first started she have just turned 19 and she had to do an scene with two man, quite a start for a new girl. She confessed that she was not only nervous but also a little afraid as the two guys seemed to be equipped with very impressive tools. She says she was afraid of those huge dicks, she looked at her so tiny and them so big, she thought she was going to have a hard day. But, as those that have already seen one her videos can assume, she enjoyed more than ever of that sex. The scene partners for that production were “Ramón Nomar” and “Roby Blake”, and she could work them grate. She explains that that was a crucial moment for her in which she became more free sexually, and realized she loved porn as a way of expression of her sexuality. From then on she became a raising star in the porn scene of Spain and in no time she had important directors from the adult industry interested in working with her. It was “Pablo Lapiedra” and “Ramiro Lapiedra” who had the privilege of working with her in “Obseción”, and just a couple of weeks latter she stared her second movie “Poseción”. She has no plans of working with any other directors for the time being. She explains that the way these directors Works is not like the others, they take care of her and always look after her making this tiny girl feel like a grate star, in addition that she loves their style and the interesting movies they work on. In addition to the fact she dated “Pablo Lapiedra” and in 2008 married him and she became “Zuleidy Lapiedra”.

Zuleidy waited from the age of 15 to start working in porn, she never had a doubt and when she meet “Pablo Lapiedra” her dream came true. She always loved porn, long before she became a porn star she enjoyed watching movies and having a rich sexual life. She says “me encanta el porno y me encanta el sexo; si además me permite ganar dinero, eso es la felicidad” (I love porn and I love sex; if it allows me to earn Money, that is happiness to me). Today she is more sure than never that porn is her career, she shared that if she was offered to participate in a regular film production she will probably accept it but she would rather work in porn as she believes that is where her future lies.


We could say that she is two pornstars, one known as Little Lupe and the other as Zuleidy. These two are not the same, the productions featuring Little Lupe are more teen like, naive and innocent; while Zuleidy is quite a hardcore pornstar.

Little Lupe
This is how she is known internationally, Zuleidy was baptized under with this name by the producers of Little, hosted at the Triple X Media servers. Under this alias is that she had made productions in which she is shown putting an emphasis in her childish look. Usually young or teen niches, and often playing a role of naive and childish schoolgirl or young teen. join
This is her name in the Spanish market and her own. She can be found using this name for her more hardcore productions. Here she is shown as a small pornstar not much as a teen, as a horny hardcore actress. join

The girl, about her and her life, likes and dislikes

In a more personal note she has no problems talking about her, what she likes and what she doesn't She has confessed lots of interesting facts about her life that you will now read. Since she was little she felt the smallest in her group, whether it be at school or in her family, she was always the littlest one. Perhaps this is the reason why she loves big men with big cooks and fantasies with them from a very young age. She shared that she is always taken for a young girl, and she is tired of being asked to show her ID for entering a club, and being always confused with a little girl when she is grown woman. And this is the reason why she en the early 2008 decided to increase her breast size leaving behind her lolita image.

zuleidy little lupe beatiful smile flower cute photo

While growing up she would play, as any other girl her age, with her barbie dolls and with time will became obsessed with them, as she put it. She looked at them and their perfect doll bodies and wished to look just like them. At this point she starting discovering her sexuality and started fantasizing in her dream with big men with big dicks. Ever since she like tall and strong men and of course a big dick is a must for her. At this point she says that she turned into a woman and ever since she had enjoyed sex at the fullest. She enjoys masturbating very much and tells that one day she touch herself so much that she came ten times, she never had as many orgasms with a men, no man knows her as her fingers do, she explains. In a winter not so long ago she experienced for the first time in her life a big dick in her ass, she loved it and it was then that she discovered her submissive side. Her boyfriend took her by surprise and started kissing her and when she was starting to get wet he suddenly turned her around and cover her mouth with one of his hands and with the other held her arms. Then he whispered in her ear “cállate puta” (shut up bitch) “te voy a follar ese culito tan pequeño que tienes” (I will fuck that little ass of yours), at first she confesses she was a little frightened and then he started to fuck her rally hard, at fist it hurt but in time she came to enjoy it a lot, and when it was over she discovered she was so wet in her pussy, she loved it.

We all know by now that she holds nothing back when it comes to sex, but she is not just that. Her relationships are signed by love and romanticism and she defines herself as a romantic. For her the best sex the one that is done with love. She sure seems like a very lovable girl, and cute too. So imagine how lucky it was her boyfriends/director “Pablo Lapiedra” when he got to be the husband of this amazing young girl.

She loves to travel and she does it all the time. Since she was a young girl she was on constant move, always traveling with their family and changing her environment, schools and friends, winch meant for her some sad times but also allowed her to get to know beautiful places. Traveling became easy for her being such an active porn star, she is all the time booked for productions all over the world and make the most out her trips. She like site seeing and enjoy knowing the monuments and historical sites of the places she visits. She like to try the local food and among their favorites is the chinese food. She can’t get enough of it. She also like animals and specially small dogs and photography, she enjoys taking pictures of nature and beautiful flowers.

zuleidy in Argentina, Buenos Aires

In her free time she likes to keep in touch with their fans and write in her blog for them to know the latest news about the site and her life. In her blog she talks about her travels the cities she visits and what she thinks of them and their people. Zuleidy or Little Lupe, as you prefer, usually spends lots of time for herself and her fans since she has a little bit of trouble sleeping, she suffer of insomnia. Only when I am free of worries and preoccupations is that I can sleep peacefully, she explains. But she use that time for updating her blog and responding messages, and of course for one of her favorite hobbies which is masturbation. She loves standing in front of the mirror naked and masturbating, she even fantasies of having a twin sister and take care of her, cares her and even have sex with her, and always be with her.

The beginning, her first movie: Obsesión (2006)

As we now know her first porn movie was “Obseción” on 2006, for her it was a revealing experience, it was then she realized her long waited dream of becoming a porn star and when she reassure herself of her goal. In this movie she worked with the brother Lapiedra as directors and Lucia Lapiedra (not related with the director), Rafa Garcia, Anastasia Mayo, Ramon Guevara, Roby Blake, Mickael, Marcia Di Lele, Yaiza del Mar, Sandra Blanco and Paola Rubio. These group of people was a grate set of coworkers and Zuleidy remembers this production group for the fun she had during the developing of this film..

Zuleidy porn movie obsesion preview

La Venganza de las Ninfas (2006)


Posesión (2006)

She defines this movie like “the craziest movie ever”, all kinds of strange things happened in that production by the “Lapiedra” brothers. In this movie she worked with Lucia Lapiedra, Sandra Blanco, Yaiza del Mar, Marcia Di Lele, Erika, Rafa Garcia, Roby Blake and Papone.

Zuleidy porn movie posesion preview

And she became Little Lupe for the rest of the World

In the first half of 2007 she meet an American crazy about young looking girls that was amazed by her. He worked in Los Angeles in a company that works with web based porn. This guy as soon as he saw our this lovely young pornstar called his partner and started a new era for her, one in which she was going to be called “Little Lupe”. Without losing any time was created and hosted at Triple X Media servers. This productions were not quite as she was doing in Spain, here she was shown as childish as possible, wearing teen looking outfits and and pigtails.

Matadero (2007)

Right alter the Erotic Festival in Barcelona the filming of “Matadero” begun. In this movie she is Pink Blood Lolita, a gangster babe who fights with her gang for the control of the streets with rival gangs. The first scene was shoot the very next day after the wards ceremony and nobody was to be found because they were not picking up their phones or they were nowhere to be found as they did not came back home from the party. It was chaotic she says. But eventually they got around it and started filming, the first scene took place in a slaughter house, in Spanish: matadero. The place was intimidating and she that is scared easily was pretty spooked by the location. They stated in a huge freezer where were the carcases of the dead animals, the scene was an action one, with plenty of shooting. In this movie guns blasting and people shoot dead is very common, the hardcore sex scenes in unusual places as a farm corral, a ditch, etc. There is even an scene where one of the actresses fuck a big snake, or rather she puts it in her pussy. The last part of the movie is developed in Madrid, were the killing continued and the sex took place in a factory. Here Zuleidy gets wrapped in plastic and get two holes one in her ass and one in front, quite an interesting scene, she with her make up on and tied like that getting fucked hard. This movie is one to watch, is sexy and very interesting.

Chloe (2007), the movie she maid she likes the most

This movie is her favorite because it is, as she says, a regular film but with explicit sex. It is one of her favorite because there are lots of dialogs, and a very touching story. “It is the most romantic movie I ever worked on” she adds, “and I had a grate time with my coworkers”. This movie was also directed by the Lapiedra brothers and stared by Zuleidy, Natalia Zeta, Lady May, Ivan Dan, Alex Diez and Michael. With only 19 years of age and a very childish apearance she prouves she has what it taces to make it in porn in this production. The plot is based in a young girl who is deeply inlove with her boyfrind Alex, a fashion photographer. Her best friend Lola sums to these two into a delightful story in wich they share their secrets, passions, gelousy and sex. Chloe shares it all. This movies story is based in love, and love as a force that comands our lives. It has a reproduction lenght of 90min and as all Zuleidy production is in Spanish.

Zuleidy porn movie chloe preview

El diario de Zuleidy (2007)


Depravada (2007)


The Lapiedra brothers do some horror/porn film, Zuleidy is the star: Deseo Salvaje (2008)

“Deseo Salvaje” (Salvaje desire) is a freak gore movie that was filmed in the Irati Forest and stared by Zuleidy, Lady Mai, Natalia Zeta, Michael, Daniel de la Cruz and Àlex Díez. This is the most terrorizing movie she has ever done. The movie is about a group of friends that goes to a house in the mountain, where the begging to experience a series of estrange events. Here is were a mysterious wolf man come into play, this creature bits and turns the female star of the movie (Zuleidy of course) into a extreme and hungry creature with a huge appetite for blood and sex. She warn us that this is not a movie for those that can be easily impressed, there is an scene in which she not only fucks his best friend in the movie but also takes off one of his eyes and put it in her pussy. She was a shock as I was when I heard it, she confess us that the scene was not easy to do and she was at moments disgusted for what she was doing. But her character seemed to enjoy it and went crazy, all covered in blood as the Lapiedra brothers intended. Here is were she proved once more her aptitudes for this biz, she can do it all and look grate while doing it. But all and all she liked working in it, she felt that is was very original and interesting.

2008 100% Zuleidy: Top Anal Teens, for Private

The film, titled “100% Zuleidy: Top Anal Teens,” is directed by her husband, Pablo Lapiedra, and is the film in which she debuts her brand-new breasts. It came out in october 2008.

“I am so excited about my first film with Private, as they are the biggest name in adult," Zuleidy said. "I am in every scene of the movie which is quite unusual and also why it is called '100% Zuleidy.' It was great fun to make and I made many new friends. I hope to do many more films with Private in the future.”

Zuleidy appears in all six scenes alongside stars like Lucy Belle, Jennifer Love, Simony Diamond, Kyra Black and CJ. This is sure a production that is worth watching.

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